How Much Do Dental Assistants Make in Alabama? 2022

How much do dental assistants make in Alabama? Across the state, assistants make $32,070 per year on average. Salaries start at about $25,300 and can range as high as $45,690. Alabama’s highest-paid dental assistants are located in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham-Hoover, and Decatur. Dental assistant salaries in Mobile and Dothan are the lowest-paid in the state. The next-highest-paid Alabama dental assistants are located in Montgomery and Daphne-Fairhope-Foley.

How Much Do Dental Assistants Make in Alabama

While dental assistant salaries are highly variable, there are some factors that can make a difference. The number of years you have in the field and any special certifications you have may increase your salary. For example, if you have a certificate in dental surgery, your salary will be higher than someone who has just completed a diploma in dentistry. You can also earn more money by getting a higher education and certification.

In Alabama, the average hourly wage for dental assistants is $15. Compared to other states, Alabama ranks forty-eighth for highest dental assistant wages.

Salary range for a dental assistant in Alabama

The average annual wage for a dental assistant in Alabama is $32,070. Depending on the experience and location, this salary can vary from $26,300 to $45,690. The salary range in Alabama is approximately the same as the national average.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 620 openings for dental assistants in Alabama by 2026. The median annual salary for a dental assistant in Alabama is $28,920, but this number can vary widely.

In Alabama, salaries for dental assistants vary from state to state and even within cities. In general, however, salaries are higher than the national average and are expected to increase faster than the average wage. In Alabama, there were approximately 3,140 Dental Assistants employed in 2018.

The national average annual salary for a dental assistant is $34,520. The highest paying state has a $41,570 salary, while the state’s average salary is $32,730. Dental assistants in Alabama earn between $31,172 and $51,137, depending on experience. Salary growth is approximately 18 percent over five years. Located in the state of Alabama, dental assistants are eligible for a wide range of benefits.

Cities with higher average salary for a dental assistant in alabama

While the average dental assistant salary in Alabama is $32,070 per year, this figure can vary significantly, depending on the city and years of experience. The following table shows the average annual salary of a dental assistant in several Alabama cities and metropolitan areas. While the average dental assistant salary in Huntsville is the highest in Alabama, the median salary is $36,300 in Birmingham-Hoover. The lowest average salary for a dental assistant in Alabama is $29290 in Northeast Alabama’s non-metropolitan area.

Dental Assistant salaries vary widely between cities, with Florence topping the list. The salary in Florence is about 28% higher than that in Montgomery, which is just 1% less. However, the job market in Florence is weaker than in other Alabama cities, making it difficult to find a position. If you’re looking for a better paying job market in Alabama, consider moving to one of these 9 cities. You’ll be glad you did!

Salaries for dental assistants may vary by state, metropolitan area, and employer size. In Alabama, for example, the average salary for a dental assistant in Montgomery is higher than the average salary for a similar position in Huntsville.

A certificate/diploma is required for entry-level positions. Cities that have a high percentage of elderly residents may have higher dental assistant salaries than other states. For these reasons, it’s important to consider the wage data in your state to make an informed decision about where to pursue a career in dentistry.

Average annual salary for a dental assistant in alabama

The average salary for a Dental Assistant in Alabama is $26,020 per year, or $20 per hour. Salaries can vary based on experience, location, and skill set. There are relatively few companies that are hiring for the position, and salaries are higher in some areas than others.

This is a field that is growing quickly, and is projected to grow 10% over the next decade. If you’re interested in becoming a Dental Assistant in Alabama, there are many reasons to do so.

First of all, salaries for Dental Assistants vary considerably between states. These salaries are calculated using the average hourly wage in each state. The BLS collects the data for each state’s average dental assistant salary, and provides them in table form.

Using these figures, you can find out how much you can expect to earn as a Dental Assistant in Alabama. Be sure to check the BLS’ salary tables to find out if salaries are comparable in other states.

Additionally, the salary for a Dental Assistant in Alabama is lower than the national average. The national average is $39,770, which is less than $51,960. However, dental assistants who are interested in moving to another state may benefit from a CDA or DANB certification. According to the DALE Foundation, a dental assistant can advance to a higher-paying career path by obtaining additional education or certifications.

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